Unfortunately, I caught a nasty cold that had me down for the count the last two days of the WSOP. I tried to soldier on for a bit on Thursday, but just couldn’t cut it and headed for the comfort of my MGM bed.
Like most of you readers I discovered who won the Sihoki by logging on and reading PokerBlog. Congratulations to Jamie Gold for achieving the dream 8,772 fellow main event participants had. May Gold be a great ambassador for the game as it gears up for what will be a major discussion with Congress in the coming years on the future of online poker. There’s no doubt the effect that the online game has had on the growth of poker offline (8,773 participants in the WSOP being proof number one) and to pull the plug on the online game would certainly reverberate within the real world poker community.
It’s always sad to see the WSOP come to an end. There is no other tournament like it in the world; truly nothing comes close. Other tournaments offer trophies, rings or watches to the winners, but there is nothing that compares to a WSOP bracelet. Thousands of professional, intermediate and rank amateur players traveled to their Mecca this summer. Most of them went home empty handed (or with empty wallets), but almost all of them returned with great stories and the experience of a lifetime.
This summer also marked a major change in my life, as my one-year journey through the tournament circuit has now come to a close. I’m returning to Tuscaloosa tomorrow and starting graduate school in a couple of weeks. My goal had always been to play the WSOP main event in 2006 and I was glad I could achieve that goal. No, I didn’t go deep in the tournament or become an instant millionaire, but I was able to cash and that was just gravy really.
Thanks to Party Poker and Dan Michalski for putting this blogging team together. I’ve met new people and made friendships I expect to last for years to come and I’ve also enjoyed the chance to write about poker and the WSOP on a new platform. As Amy said, this was an experiment that came off very well — and I hope it will continue.
What’s Next for PokerBlog?
So what’s next for PokerBlog?
With the WSOP over and everyone departing Vegas, will our crack group of reporters continue to cover other tournaments and poker happenings around the globe (Legends of Poker starts in two weeks at the Bicycle)?
I have grown quite fond of getting my daily poker updates here, and I would love to see it continue. I don’t know if that’s possible, but it sure would be nice.
Slacking At Work
Jen Leo started this “watching the WSOP” sort of photo contest…which I thought broke up some of the reporting monotony. Here is another one I found through JackAce’s Flickr site. The photo above and below are …

Tournaments like Texas เเทงหวยออนไลน์ are exceedingly successful and have become big business on Television. Producers, advertisers and online offshoots make mega bucks from such events, worldwide. In Britain the time alloted to poker broadcasts, has gone up by 250 percent, in the last two years. This week 16 tournaments will be telecast on nine channels. Jonathan Webb, head of the channels at Flextech, said that he would like to use poker as a tool to uncover deceit, power and the different thought processes of men and women. He spoke about adding more creativity to poker related events, instead of simply telecasting them for the sake of doing so. One of the biggest attractions in the last few years has been the excitment from seeing punters who win online tournaments with only $25 entry fees, suddenly begin competing at real poker tables against champs. Million-dollar pots are involved at such events. Today.reuters.com reports:
Broadcasters also have made the game look slick by investing in production , including under-table cameras that reveal players’ cards to TV viewers, and celebrity tournaments. Poker-watching has is beginning to become segmented with some channels focusing on bigger, event-driven programmes and others catering to card-playing aficionados with niche shows.
Selected Odds Posted by Sportsbook.com, on the WPT Legends of Poker
Ben Affleck, Toby McGuire and Jennifer Tilley will be competing at the legends of Poker event in Bell Gardens, California. Sportsbook.com has been putting up the odds on their win as also on the win of tournament favorites such as Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu. Ivey is the hot favorite for the title with a 66-1. Following him are Negreanu, Hansen, Layne Flack, Phil Hellmuth, Howard Kederer and Marcel Luske, each one having 80 -1 bets for a win in the tournament. The Hollywood brigade represented by Affleck, Mcquire and Tilley are at 400-1. According to the M.D. of Sprotsbook.com Alex Czajkowski, poker as a game has gained celebrity status. Though not many people expect film stars to win these tournaments, nevertheless it is exciting to see them at the final table playing with the other pros. Amongst the women players, Jennifer Harman, Kathy Liebert and Annie Duke are the top ranking players. All these women are listed at 150-1 to win the event. Prenewswire.com reports:
The growth of Poker in the United States has been phenomenal, to the point that it no longer surprises fans to see celebrities from film get involved in these events, ” says Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director, Sportsbook.com. The Legends of Poker tournament begins on Saturday, August 27 and the final table will be played on Wednesday, August 31st.…


Eastern belief is supported on the construct of balance. The Brassica symbolisation of Yin/Yang illustrates the theory. (If you can’t visualize this symbol, a Google see module lead you to individual illustrations of the Yin/Yang.) Day and night, good and evil, pleasure and pain, inner capableness and physical capableness are examples of opposites that need each other in visit to maintain equilibrium.
The approach commonly utilised in individualized playing thinking focuses on a unadaptable set of rules that works substantially in playing budgeting but fails likewise ofttimes when utilised by individuals. In developing a playing plan the primary day-to-day expenses, such as lease and utilities are identified first. Then the incoming take of expenses is listed, and so on. Having every expenses prioritized in this manner allows for a systematic reduction of expenses when income targets are not met.
Individuals are told to do something similar. Review every individualized expenditures and categorize them into digit categories, “needs” and “wants”, forming a table.
After you pay for every your “needs”, you crapper then decide which “wants” crapper be fulfilled with whatever money that’s left after the “needs” are paid for. People change to meet their goals with this system for individual reasons:
We springy in an “instant gratification” society. We’re pleased to acquire today and pay later making the secernment between “needs” and “wants” difficult.
The rigidity of partitioning every expenses in a plateau form is intimating requiring a take of discipline that few grouping have.
No cost fits neatly into either category. For example, you crapper pay $500.00 a period in lease or $5,000.00 a month. There’s no question that you “need” a locate to springy but there certainly is a “want” factor in determining how pricey a locate you decide to springy in.
Developing this plateau is an trenchant starting point; after every you can’t accomplish your goal of rising your playing health without knowing your underway position. It’s from here is where the construct of balance comes into play.
Visualize Yin/Yang in your mind, the black half is your “needs” and the Brassica is the “wants”. There is liquidness in the boundary between the digit halves of the circle. The “needs” and “wants” of your life not exclusive continually interbreed backwards and forward but module straddle the boundary.
It’s exclusive after you recognize this liquidness crapper you focus on discernment what you need to do and begin to implement your changes.
If you’re earnest most rising you individualized finances you need to acknowledge that it’s going to take time. No field change in life happens overnight. It’s also not going to be easy and mistakes module be made. Is it surprising that oriental belief also holds perseverance in high esteem?…

A lot of experts at poker will say that you should not hope in Toto HK If you have a flush draw and the river card is about to turn up, it would be very risky for you to hope on that last card. If you are hoping that you will make a flush on the river card or if you are hoping that you will make a straight on the river card then your poker strategy may be too aggressive. Sometimes you have to be conservative especially if the odds are against you.
The river card or the river of dreams card is the card that will make all your wishes come true or all your wishes go extinct. If you have been playing poker for quite some time, you should only bank on the river card in desperate situations. If you have two pairs already and you are hoping to make a full house on the river card then chances of you making it are very slim. If everyone is going all in but you are simply there on the side then you should be careful. Someone might have triplets already or a five card combo. Your two pair will rarely make the cut against these combo heavyweights.
The rule of thumb when it comes to poker is that you can bluff, you can fold, buy you can not hope. If you are always relying on hope to make you win a tournament or a poker match then you are not going to be a good poker player. Poker is not all about hope and luck. Poker is not all about what the cards will end up showing in the end. Poker is about making the rational decision at the right place at the right time. If you want to become a good poker player then you should know when to make the right calls. You should know when to fold your cards. You should know exactly when to hope.
Hope is a tricky topic in poker. So when should you actually hope for the river card to make your dreams come true? The only time when you should hope for the river card to fulfil your dreams is when there is no other option but to hope and believe that you will make the cut. If you have no other choice but to hope then this is your last resort. You should only hope for the river card when there is no other possible way for you to win a match. If you are low on chips, if there are a lot of bullies at the table, or if you should make a move to get in the game are the only instances where in you should actually hope.
In any other case, do not count on the river card to fulfill your dreams. Do not count on the river card to save you from poverty at the poker table. If you want to win in poker …

Not the Ace to 5 kinda thing, but more the 9 to 5 cycle. At least, in the sense that it’s a grind. This is the world of poker blogs. There’s always a 50/50 split in the blogsphere, the good and bad, the hot and cold, ying and yang. I’m no Eastern Spiritual, but if there’s true balance in the universe, someone out there is on the happy side of variance.
I was playing an MTT on Paradise (yes, they still have a site) when sbobet popped up on the sissy-girl chatterbox device. It’s a good place for ol’ Otis, but I feel uncomfortable there.
Anyhow, I casually mention to Dr. Hairline my desire to play cards. He says, as a temporary bachelor, he’d love to host a game. This was 7:09 PM.
I got on the horn, digitally of course, with BadBlood, The Mark, Chep Shep, and The Tank. We had cards in the air by 8:00.
I should know better than to play that way of course. I’ll summarize it thusly,
BB: You ever get so excited to play, that you totally forget how?
G-ROB : Did you see the way I just played?
BB: Yeah, that’s what I was getting at.
That night, I got CRUSHED. I lost buyin after buyin. The first two weren’t because the other players sucked out, or because I played the odds and missed. I lost that money because I played like total crap. I knew better, but managed to go on a tilt of now legendary proportions.
NET LOSS: $270.00 (Fake)
This is the regular game. The local no-limit game. It’s played for FAKE CHIPS of course. Once again the usual suspects, and a few extra degenerate (this word is nearing its limit by the way) friends started dealing at 8:00.
This time I brought my chops. In the first 90 minutes I was up 2 buyins. This was the pivotal hand…
PLAYERS : G-Rob, Otis, The Mark
I’m in the big blind for a whopping .50, and The Mark is in middle position.
Mark raises it up to $4.00 and Otis calls.
I found 7,7 and decided to take a ride.
Queen, 7, 5!! Payday.
I check the flop and so does Mark, and then Otis gets kinda silly. He bets $15.
I tried to be extra quick into the pot with a min raise to $30. Earlier in the night I pushed BadBlood off a hand with a similar re-raise and then showed my weaker hand. I hoped that the quick move into the pot, a sure sign of a weak hand, combined with that memory would help.
Sure enough, Mark comes over the top all-in, another $29, for a total bet of $59. Otis then went into the tank for a solid 4 days, at one point SCREAMING, I’m not worried about YOU at all (pointing …

The pint glass is labeled Guinness, but it ain’t Guinness in the glass. Still, it tastes good. My only worry is that I had a confirmed Iggy sighting in the U.K. last night (word is he made the money in some Irish tournament), and if he walks in and sees this, I could be in trouble.
Nonetheless, as I sit here in The Vic, a good beer is a necessity. The day is already 12 hours long and promises to be at least four hours longer before the stop of play sbobet . Greg Raymer is cleaning house. Ram Vaswani is living up to his nickname. Isabelle, Mean Gene, doesn’t play until tomorrow (I won’t mention again how she greeted me last night).
So, why do I slip in from the darkness of this casino and into the bright light that is UFP?
Well, in case you hadn’t noticed the blinking banners all over this page, the first-ever Blogger Championship is now a reality on PokerStars. If you have a two-month old blog and don’t sign up, you’re just silly. First prize is a free trip worth $12K to the WPT event in the Bahamas in January (read: a return to the place where I may or may not have fallen off a fake rock and nearly died).
It’s been hard as hell to keep my mouth shut about this thing for the past couple months. I’m happy the cat is now out of the bag.
So, make it happen, cap’n.
Who says bloggin’ ain’t paying off?
I’m in, too, how about you? (Quick note to the fine PokerStars rep who will be stopping by. First, I mistakenly registered as “UpForPoker” when my log in is actually “Up4Poker”. Second, as you can see, this is a collaborative blog so there are two entries from this site. Thanks, you people rock!)
WPBT Euchre Tourney Update!!
Well, a bitch of a storm named Rita kept me busy for yet another weekend. Come Friday, I’ll have worked 31 out of 33 days. I don’t think that’s healthy, but that’s the job, so I really shouldn’t complain.
peluang menang game kartu poker idn hanya bersama kami poker369 yang mendapatkan sertifikat resmi.
Hopefully, there won’t be another hurricane any time soon and I can actually get this tournament started! So far we have 8 confirmed teams:
1) Heather/CJ
2) Drizz/BG
3) Matt from Austin/Megan from Austin (Readers and ringers?)
4) The Donkey Feltchers: Maudie/Daddy
5) GRob/Uncle Ted from G-Vegas
6) Jim/Bob from Detroit (Reader)
7) Patrick/Danny (Reader)
8) Lefty/Jason (Ringer)
If you want to get on board and need a partner, check the comments on this post. Then email me with your partner at Euchre -@- upforanything.net.
For complete rules, see below:
1) Initial tournament will be restricted to 16 teams (32 players) or just 8 teams if that’s all we can round up.
2) Teams will sign up as pairs, and to sign up, you email me at Euchre -@- UpForAnything.net. If you …

Event 15 of the toto hk WCOOP 2008 was the first of two no-limit hold’em heads up shootouts on the schedule. It’s a pretty simple process, you play your opponent 1 on 1, then win, play another opponent and win, and keep moving up until you are the champion. Of course, it sounds a lot easier than it actually is! toto hk

PokerStars set the guarantee at $500,000, which would account for about 1,666 entries with the $320 buy-in. But just like every single other event so far this series, the guarantee was destroyed when 2,048 people registered increasing the prize pool to $614,400. This meant 256 places would be paid, and the eventual winner would take home over $104,000.
Quite obviously, in order to beat out 2,043 other players you have to be good at heads up poker. However, you have to be more than just good, you have to have luck on your side. With that many entrants, it takes winning 10 matches in a row before the final battle. Any good poker player would tell you it would take skill and luck to accomplish this feat.
There were many bad beats, nice laydowns, suckouts, and rivers hit for the final 2 players, who sat alone, each with 4,096,000 chips. This final epic battle was between HuxFluxen and pandaCHAN12. Immediately after the first hand was dealt, both players were calling for a manager. It seems the $55k for the runner up and $104k for the champion was too steep to play for. To reduce some variance and make their experience that much better, they cut a deal. The runner up would win $70k and the winner would take home just under $90k. Even though the deal was made, this was still a $20,000 heads up match, neither player took it lightly.
After the deal was done, the players were ready. The blinds were started at 10,240/20,480, so the match was 200 bbs deep. Every 15 mins the blinds would escalate, but this was a good structure for a heads up tournament. Many action players prefer heads up poker because that’s exactly what it is, action action action. It’s 1 on 1, not 1 on 8. You have to play more hands and get into more spots, great for any action junkie!
After about 30 minutes of play, HuxFluxen and pandaCHAN12 each took their turns holding the chip lead. However, HuxFluxen started to gain more momentum, and eventually had a 3:1 chip lead. In the final hand, HuxFluxen raised preflop and was called by pandaCHAN12. On the flop of 6s Td 5s, pandaCHAN12 checked and HuxFluxen bet 122,880, which was check-raised up to 368,000 by pandaCHAN12. After some though HuxFluxen moved all-in with Qs3s for a flush draw and was quickly called by panda with KdTc and top pair. Things would turn around if panda could fade a spade or queen. However, the turn was the Ts which gave Hux the flush, but panda two pair. The river blanked …

For the second time, President Barack Obama has criticized the city of Las Vegas and people who want to visit the city and contribute to its economy. This time, the president said that people saving money for college shouldn’t blow their money on gambling in Vegas. After a firestorm from local politicians and businesses, Obama sent a letter to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who represents Nevada, saying that his comment was taken out of context.


This wasn’t the first time that the president has accused people of wasting their money by going to Sin City. Last February, he chastised companies who took bail-out money for taking trips to Vegas. Not being a businessman, of course, Obama doesn’t seem to realize that companies need to spend money to make money and that expensive junkets and other business trips are necessary for getting new clients and keeping old ones. He also doesn’t seem to grasp that in a struggling economy, you should never tell people not to spend money. Telling people to basically put their money under their mattress is bad for the country’s economy and especially for the economy of Las Vegas.


While the country-wide unemployment rate is 10% (which is a kind estimate that doesn’t count those with part-time jobs or those who have given up looking for work), the rate in Nevada is 13%. Las Vegas’ tourism industry is hurting because people are saving their money and not going on vacations to Sin City. Now the President of the United States is flat-out telling people not to spend their money there.


Here’s my take on visiting Vegas. It’s not for everyone. It never has been. You need a certain amount of disposable income to hit the casinos and play at the togel hongkong hari ini tables. I always tell people that when it comes to gambling, you should never wager money that you can’t afford to lose. Therefore, if losing an amount of money in Vegas would cause a hardship for you, don’t bet that money, because if you do, you might lose it.


However, if you have enough disposable income to do so, there is nothing wrong with going to the casinos and spending your money. Not only that, but it’s a good thing for the economy – not only Nevada’s economy, but the whole country. Consumers spending money (wisely) is an important part of capitalism. Of course you shouldn’t gamble money that you set aside for college. However, if you can afford to go on vacation and spend a little money, why not do it at Vegas? Doing so is not only fun, but it helps a state that is in dire straits.



A bill was recently passed in Nevada requiring the Nevada Gaming Commission to have rules and regulations in place by January 2012 for online gambling. As such, regulators from Nevada have recently drafted some new rules pertaining to online poker. This makes them closer to being ready for legalization and regulation if that should happen in the near future.
It has been determined that Nevada will treat legal poker sites the same way as brick-and-mortar casinos when it comes to monitoring their operations. This will ensure that people playing online will enjoy the same level of care and scrutiny as those playing in casinos. Even online sites partnered with casinos will be required to undergo the same processes.
Legal poker sites will be taxed in the same way as brick-and-mortar casinos in Nevada.
Sites will also have strict rules requiring them to keep exact hand histories of every hand played on file for a minimum of five years. crypto gambling These hand histories must include all players involved, all wagering that took place, and more.
These are rules for poker only, a game in which people play against others like themselves rather than against the house.
Internet Poker Trial in Washinton D.C.
If you live in Washington D.C., you will legally be allowed to play online poker in select areas starting September 1st.
A trial run for Internet poker was proposed by the city budget back in April of this year. The popular opinion was that Congress would block the proposal, but they didn’t. As such, the trial has been scheduled to start this Thursday in select locations.
The games will only be permitted in 20 to 30 locations within the city’s borders. These locations mostly consist of hotels and bars.
The regulated poker sites will keep half of the rake collected at the tables, and the city will keep the other half. Anyone that wins over $600 will be required to pay local taxes to the city.
The word is that if everything goes well with the trial, this regulated service could be available to all members of the D.C. population by the end of 2011.
New Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak has reintroduced a new version of his popular bill which would legalize online casinos and poker clients in the Garden State.
Lesniak’s original proposal was vetoed a few months ago by state governor Chris Christie, who stated that he would be open to a resubmission of an in internet gaming law. The problem with the first attempt, the governor stated, was in the structure and wording.

“In my view,” Christie said following the veto, “the creation of a legal fiction deeming all wagers to have ‘originated’ in Atlantic City cannot overcome the clear and unambiguous language of the State Constitution… The expansion of gambling in New Jersey has been slow and cautious.”
Now, things are looking a bit different for his state. The horse racing industry, which has proved to be a major source of tax revenue in …

A lot of people play Gin Rummy, or at least a lot of people play a game they call Gin Rummy. Few people play it well, and many don’t even realize that it’s a game that requires significant skill to be a consistent winner. Sam Fry’s book aims to provide enough information for the novice player to understand the issues involved in being a winning player, and to provide the rules and suggested strategy changes for most of the common Gin variants.

Gin Rummy How to Play and Win is obviously not a magnum opus. It’s a small book published by Dover Publishing that originally appeared as a series in a periodical in the early 1960s. Dover’s publication strategy is to acquire works in the public domain or buy the rights to out of print material at rock bottom prices and and turn them into high quality, low price press runs for niche markets. This allows Dover to print Fry’s work at a very low price. Basically, as long as the information in a book like this doesn’t harm the reader, it has to provide a reasonable value for the purchaser.

As it turns out, the information provided in this book won’t do the reader any harm. In fact, although brief, it provides a pretty decent introduction on how to be a winning Gin player. The rules as stated here are generally in agreement with rules as I’ve seen them elsewhere, and, in fact, Fry discusses them in more Slot Gacor detail than you’ll find, say, in Hoyle’s Rules of Games. Also, the Gin variants are discussed in reasonable detail. I had to re-read the section on Oklahoma Gin to make sure it did indeed agree with my recollection, so it could have been written in a clearer fashion, but it’s certainly good enough.

As one might expect, although the strategy sections are sound, they’re pretty limited and general. If the book were to be expanded, covering more strategic situations would be the obvious way to go. However, the basics of winning strategy are present, so that an industrious student can work out more detailed rules of optimal play once they have some game experience.

All in all, I have no quarrels whatsoever with this Slot Gacor book. It does its job in a reasonable footprint at a reasonable price. Advanced players can almost certainly pass it by, but at worst, even if a a player who was on the fence about purchasing this book can hardly begrudge Dover the three bucks it would cost to find out if it provides them valuable information or not.


Fry’s book is a brief, solid, and very reasonably priced introduction to the game of Gin Rummy and most of its variants. While Gin Rummy How to Play and Win isn’t the final word in Gin strategy, it’s a solid book for those who are not already experts in this game. I recommend it.